Saturday, 4 August 2012

An easy-going Saturday...

Today's outfit is a very casual one with denim and leather. Those leather tights look good with high-heels and also with trainers like my retro Jordans. To make leather trousers or tights casual you should combine them with denim or printed tops. The only thing that is quite hard to combine with that outfit is to find the right bag. I would definitely go for a black bag..

Bugünün kiyafeti gayet sportif ama bi okadar da tarz. Siyah deri pantolon topuklu ayakkablarla oldugu kadar spor ayakkablarla da oldukca tarz. Deri pantolonlari daha sportif ve gunluk kullanmak istiyorsaniz, onlari kot gömleklerle (denim) yada/ve baskili, tisörtlerle ile kombine edin. Kiyafetimi siyah Micheal Kors cantasiyla tamamladim.

Topshop top 20 pound, jeans vest 30 pound, H&M leather trousers 20 Euro, Jordans 90 Euro, Michael Kors 220 pound

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